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Drones Take Center-Stage in Hurricane Clean-up

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, drones have been utilized in numerous instances to aid in the recovery process. One Electric Cooperative was able to fly 60 missions and inspected more than 1,600 poles in a hard-hit area in Harvey’s path. Drone footage enabled crews to deploy flat-bottomed boats in precise locations without wading through floodwaters. In another instance, a drone flew across the flooded river carrying a rope, where other workers stood waiting for it. (Co-op Drones Take Flight) Without the drone, lineworkers would have had to hurl wire across the river or wait for waters to [...]

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FERC Formal Rulemaking directive

On Friday, September 29, Rick Perry directed FERC to undertake a formal rulemaking within the next 60 days aimed at compensating baseload generation. The main precipitator of this rule is the 2016 Department of Energy’s Grid Reliability Study, which indicated weaknesses in the reliability of energy sources. "The recent Polar Vortex, as well as the devastation from Superstorm Sandy and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria reinforces the urgency that the Commission must act now. Moreover, the Commission should take action before the winter heating season begins so as to prevent the potential failure of the grid from the loss of [...]

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Acting Chairman indicates changes from FERC

In August 2017, the Department of Energy released a report titled, “Staff Report on Electricity Markets and Reliability.” One primary concern highlighted is how to preserve grid reliability looking forward. This report formed the basis of most questions aimed at the two remaining FERC nominees, Kevin McIntyre and Richard Glick, during their confirmation hearings before the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. Now, Acting Chairman Neil Chatterjee is set to testify at the next Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee regarding the August 2017 report. In response, he is expected to unveil FERC plans for exploring compensation for baseload generation [...]

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Wehrum Named to EPA as Assistant Administrator by Trump

William Wehrum, an energy industry attorney and former EPA official, has been tapped to fulfill one of the agency’s most consequential roles. Last week, President Trump formally nominated Wehrum Thursday to be the EPA’s assistant administrator for air and radiation, where he would oversee a massive portfolio concerned with air pollution, climate change, and auto regulation. He would be responsible for the majority of the Trump administration’s deregulation efforts.

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FERC Site Determinations

On February 9, 2017, Beaver Creek Wind filed applications with FERC seeking an order to certify four wind projects in Stillwater County, Montana as QFs. This application will require the regulatory body to clarify how a project’s location is determined for purposes of FERC’s “one-mile rule.” Regardless of FERC’s ultimate conclusions, the order will impact how generation facilities are sited in the future. For more, visit: or click here to read the pdf.

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Buffett Acquires energy Future Holdings

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Energy continues its expansion of its energy holdings as it has announced a $9 billion deal to purchase bankrupt Energy Future Holdings, resulting in the acquisition of its utility subsidiary Oncor—the largest Texas Utility. Berkshire Hathaway continues to purchase regulated utilities as a way to boost its overall credit rating, and its energy unit contributed roughly 9.5% to its $24.07 billion in earnings last year. For more info:

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